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About Information Center

Location: 8th floor, LIC Building 
Contact : 886-4-27016855 ext. 8805~8810 
E-mail: cc@ocu.edu.tw

 Mission & Goals

Information Center is the central organization supporting academic and administrative use of technology at OCU. It is a service organization whose mission are to improve the quality of teaching and research at the campus through the strategic use of computing and communications technologies. It also facilities the administrative operations efficiently and effectively.


The goals of Information Center are to provide computing, mainframe handling, networking, and information services for the academic community in the most cost-effective way. Therefore, introduce innovative technological resources,  techniques to support teaching, research and administrative operation at the campus of OCU. Core services are designed to meet most of the common needs of most users which provide certain high-end technologies with economies of scale and support individuals', departments', and disciplines' specialized needs with advice and appropriate infrastructure. 

Organization & Staffing

The Information Center has one head to handle the center’s business, who is specialized in information technology. The organization has the following three divisions: Network, System and Administration & Consultation. Their jobs are as follows


  1. System Division:
    This is in charge of the academic computer network management, mainframe handling, user management, information registration and storage work.

Information Center
  1. Network Division:
    This division develops and maintains the academic  information system and supports research and teaching development.

  1. Administration & Consultation Division:
    This manages administration, provides IT services and holds various lectures, study courses and training.



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